Prices and Pricing for Scrap Used Catalytic Converters

Catalytic Converter Prices : Used and Scrap converter prices : Recycle prices for old catalytic converters from cars and trucks : Depending upon the brand of converter, or which vehicle that the catalyitc converter is from, prices can vary from two to three figures.
Used Catalytic Converter Scrap Prices - The used cut off converter from your automobile or truck is considered recycle used and scrap precious metals. Used Catalytic Convertor Scrap shall consist of many assorted sizes of whole intact scrap used catalytic converters for pricing. The catalyst must not be removed from inside the used converter. Foils, Wraps, After Market and pre~converters may be included but are typically counted on a 3 for 1 basis for prices.
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Types of Converters : Used Converter Pricing and Prices

AFTERMARKET Catalytic Converters

BEADS Converters Prices

  • One 1 Plug
  • Two 2 Plug
  • Jumbo
  • CHRYSLER Catalytic Converters Pricing

  • Medium Chrysler
  • Large Chrysler
  • Straight Edge
  • FORD Catalytic Converters Priced

  • Ford Ranger
  • Large Ford Regular and Wide Mouth
  • Pre Domestic ie Chrysler Focus Pre
  • Regular Domestic Regular and Double Regular
  • GM Beneral Motors Catalytic Converter Price

  • Four 4 Dot
  • Large GM Small Bread Loaf, Large Bread Loaf
  • Small GM ie Saturn
  • IMPORTS Pricing

  • Exotic
  • Extra Large Import
  • Large Import
  • Low Grade Import ie Mitsubishi Subaru Nissan Suzuki
  • Medium Import (TAP)
  • Pre Import
  • Small or Regular Import ie Toyoya Honda Jaguar Mercedes Nissan Volvo
  • FORD Torpedo- No Air Tube Torpedo- with Air Tube Scorpion High Domestic Low Domestic High Pre-Domestic CV Pre Cigar Wide Mouth Late Explorer- Full Rear Ford Diesel 2006-DN Ford Powerstroke 2pc GM GENERAL MOTORS Large GM Small Breadloaf 4-Dot/Saturn AC Square 1 Plug Bead 2 Plug Bead Jumbo Bead X-Body Small Flow GM Air Large Beadloaf Duramax 07-up 2-pc CHRYSLER DODGE Large Chrysler Air Tube Large Jeep Straight Large Chrysler Truck 3Pipe Straight Side/Edge Jeep Round 8G 6" Jeep Round 7R Jeep Round 10" Jeep Round 12" Long Rooftop/Fish No Tube Long Rooftop/Fish w. Tube Rooftop Dodge Bullet Diesel 6.7L Early Cummins Diesel Dodge 6.7L 2pc Diesel IMPORTS Large Exotic Small Exotic Extra Large Import Large Import Tap/Medium Import Regular Import Toyota Twin Subaru Kidney Honda Center o2 Standard Large Greenbean T/C o2 Small Greenbean o2 Hotdog Honda No o2 Camry Pre Import Low Grade

    Acura Alfa Romeo AM General American Motors Aston Martin Audi BMW Buick Cadillac Chevrolet Chrysler Daewoo Daihatsu Dodge Eagle Ferrari Fiat Ford Geo GMC Honda Hummer Hyundai Infiniti Isuzu Jaguar Jeep Kia Land Rover Lexus Lincoln Lotus Maserati Mazda Mercedes Benz Mercury Merkur MG Mini Mitsubishi Nissan Oldsmobile Peugeot Plymouth Pontiac Porsche Renault Rolls Royce Saab Saturn Scion Sterling Subaru Suzuki Toyota Triumph Volkswagen Volvo Yugo

    A & B Aftermarket Ansa Benchmark Bosal Catco Crown Davico Dorman Eastern Emico EvanFischer KYB Magnaflow Miller OES Genuine Omix Pacesetter Walker

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